My man is leaving for the field

So my man is leaving for the field today for a whole month which just so happens to be the last month of my pregnancy im 36 weeks which btw he didnt even have to go to this training they gave him the option and he decided to go anways which pissed me off but I got over it and he isn't going to have his phone cause he broke it at work and hasn't replaced it yet so there is no way of contacting him while he is out doing this training besides calling his unit so if i go into labor there is no fast way of telling him so i blew all this off but last night was his last night home i cooked this huge meal fried chicken everything which he took two bites of it and headed towards the room to watch stupid YouTube he didnt even really play with our son at all he called him annoying and put him to bed like seriously he is one almost two he was doing what all little boys do and getting into stuff he said thank you for dinner but soon rolled over and watched stupid YouTube and went to bed early yes I know he has work in the morning but I was atleast expecting us to stay up watch movies and cuddle but no nothing like okay I ended up crying myself to sleep with false contractions then woke up tried to cuddle only for him to stay on his side and i assume play on his tablet which btw is how he watches YouTube i rolled back over and went back to sleep he comes by today to say bye and get his bags I feel like im overreacting but i wanted our last night before he leaves to be a amazing night by the time he gets back we will have a newborn and almost no time for just us am I just being hormonal ?