Sincerely, those of us with fertility issues


Dear Moms,

We start the baby making journey like most of you do, excited, hopeful that everything is good and that you can make a child. And like you, we know it might take a while to get that positive test we all want. But, also try not to stress about it because we all know stress isn’t good while trying to conceive.

Sadly for us, weeks, months, maybe even years pass with no luck. We sit on toilets month after month looking at negative pregnancy tests. Wiping the bloody start of an unwanted period or the bloody end of what you thought was your time.

We watch friends, family, celebrities and random women having our only wish come true with no troubles. Every time someone asks “when are you having kids?” “Aren’t you trying?” “Have you seen a doctor?” we die a little on the inside. Spending hours crying. We become sad, bitter and sometimes jealous. We may start to hate ourselves.

But while we feel this way, we try and put on a brave face for our significant other who is nothing but supportive. But, it hurts them too.

After treatments, pills, many doctors appointments, and even the Stop trying it’ll happen method. It just never happens. It’s not our fault.

Moms, you did nothing special or better than us to create your angel. You just got at the right moment and we’re lucky enough to become moms while we are still waiting.

So please stop making us feel bad about trying to have babies. Just because it was easy for you doesn’t mean it is for others. Especially those who can’t help their family history, or medical status.