The “natural only” friend rant -edit-

My friend’s wife is a fanatic about doing everything all natural. She buys everything organic and goes to specialty food stores. She constantly is on every new health fad and natural remedy fad.

Her husband was a good friend of mine in high school and so I’ve always put up with her with just an eye roll for years. Other than the snobby all natural stuff, she isn’t half bad. We used to double date all of the time until I got divorced a few years ago.

But the other day she crossed a line.

We have a mutual friend we all knew from high school as well. He’s been that eternally single and happily so person forever, so I spend time with him just the two of us as much as in a group situation. Nothing romantic ever, but he is one of my closest friends.

He was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. He has been fighting and doing treatments, but last week he was told that the cancer has advanced into stage 3 acute lymphatic leukemia. The treatments aren’t working. His doctor’s are looking into some experimental treatments, but currently haven’t presented him with his options yet since the news.

Ever since he was first diagnosed with his cancer, our friend’s wife has constantly been suggesting “natural” cancer cures to him. He has always just politely thanked her then kept on with his doctor’s orders and treatments.

We’ve all watched him suffer. He’s lost so much weight because he can’t keep food down and he is so sick all of the time. His hair is gone. If you look at him now and a picture from 3 years ago you can barely recognize him. And after this resent news, it is like the fight has been kicked out of him and we are all worried about him obviously.

We were all together just to support him right now while we wait for the doctor’s to figure out a game plan since the current one wasn’t working. It was going pretty well. I had made dinner and he had actually managed to eat it and keep it down and we are all watching the game on tv.

During the commercials we were talking to him about how he felt and just generally checking in when out of nowhere little ms natural had the balls to say “Well if you had just tried those natural cures I told you about this wouldn’t have happened and you would be healthy.”

We were all stunned.

He didn’t have the energy to argue with her and told her as much. I wanted to kick her out of my house but also didn’t want to stress him out anymore than he already was.

We finished the game without any more pleasant conversation and everyone left in silence pretty much before it ended.

I am so mad I’m fuming. I honestly wanted to strangle that bitch. Even if her bullshit remedies did work, what does it matter? It was such a low blow and totally uncalled for. I honestly never want to see her again. If I do I might rearrange her face I am so angry.

** to clarify her suggestions aren’t anything that helps any of his symptoms. She literally tells him things like “a teaspoon of honey a day will cure your cancer.” If she was suggesting things that would alleviate his symptoms like help him to keep from throwing up from eating it would be different. She is one of those people who just hears about a “remedy” and tells about it without researching it. I think one of her other cancer remedies for him was to cut gluten out of his diet. It’s stuff that doesn’t make sense. I have no problem will natural stuff, but she is just a little off her rocky in how she approaches it.

Also the reason I say she is snobby is because she is. She constantly talks down to anyone that doesn’t eat organic like she does. Anytime she goes out to a restaurant she grills the poor waiter about everything then refuses to eat their “garbage” which is literally what she calls it.

If someone wants to be healthy more power to them. But they don’t have to talk down to people who don’t.