Preggo and dunno what to do about hubby


I have been married for about 9 mos and am 31 wks pregnant with my first child (hubby has other children and is 6 yrs older). When we got married husband had a job that paid ok and worked overtime. I have always been the primary breadwinner (making an hourly rate he could definitely achieve with his experience, though). Anyway, when I was a few months pregnant he started slacking off on going to work and was really getting tired of the job. I encouraged him to find something else and then quit but he ended up not going and quitting/getting let go. He procrastinated for several months on getting another job until he turned himself in to jail on a minor court date he missed. He ended up in jail for 1 month and has been out about 7 weeks. He has not gotten a job and does not seem too interested. It's been about 5 mos of me supporting us alone and I'm struggling so bad but can't get any urgency out of him to get a job. I'm starting to feel he doesn't want to work and knows he doesn't have to because I will as the responsible one. For the most part he doesn't help around the house when he's at home so I work all day, come home and he does often cooks dinner but laundry, most dishes, cleaning are left for me. He drinks almost every night, and in the last few weeks his friends/cousins have started popping up unannounced at our house, and he'll often (3-4 nights a week) disappear with them and BS me about when he's coming home over and over, then get home very late. I know there's weed involved and possibly some other recreational drugs as well as drinking. The environment those people hang out in is not really a very safe one and I feel like he's risking staying out of trouble and possibly his life so I wake up freaking out when he's not home or I can't sleep a lot. I'm getting really tired of being left alone and I really blew up via text tonight and he's still not home from a "short run" 6.5 hrs ago. I cry almost every day because I really wanted to stay home with my son and make money from home but since he can't/won't get a job at all I am doubting he'll get one to replace my income and I'm worried I won't even get to take 6 wks off because my leave is unpaid. I really do love my husband and I don't want to live without him but he really needs to get it together and I'm quickly seeing I can't make him. I'm growing more and more unhappy as I work my butt off 8 mos pregnant and all my money goes to bills and I worry about affording food but he lays around and always gets his beer in the meantime. If he won't get into gear I'm going to have to move back with my parents when my son is born. I feel I can't really say much more to him and when I bring up my worries he gets on me about being "negative" and "all you do is complain." What would you do?