Everything is happening so fast yet so slow

Me and my bf have been together on and off for 3 years. We got pregnant may of 2017 and I am 3 weeks away from my due date.

He bought us a house (I have my own with a mortgage) and I have been dragging my feet to move in to his home. I also have two girls (11 & 12) who would be moving in too.

I don’t work, I have little money from a divorce that I have been living off of. I don’t have much to bring to the table. I guess I’ve just been afraid of us struggling financially.

He is mad bc I haven’t moved in, so close to delivering our son, and throwing us all into a home together without us getting used to it all before the baby comes.

I’m not concerned about us all getting along just about the finances. It’s all a big stupid mess that I created and I am not sure why. He is a good man and will make a great father.