Friends with benefits

I met a guy over a year ago, we hit it off and been seeing each other since. we don't always have sex. We sometimes hangout and have genuine conversations. We both agreed to not see other people (we find it gross) but we don't want to be in a relationship. He's perfect as a friends with benefits but definitely not boyfriend material we disagree in a lot of important things I'd normally look for in a guy. (Religion mainly) He said were like ☯️ cause of how different we are. He also said I fill a void in him (not just sexually) and I think he does for me too.. i don't know if its necessarily good sometimes I think we're numbing each other from personal problems we want to ignore. But I know he won't fall in love with me either I think that's why it's easy for me to stick around. It's hard to find someone who really sticks to just friends. we appreciate each others company... . I recently had a pregnancy scare (we do use protection) and I realized how bad and unhappy I'd be if that did happen. It freaked me out and made me think it's probably best to end it and not take any chances but I don't necessarily want to. I love having sex with him and enjoy his presence.. should I cut him off? & if so what do I say.. he's been so good to me I don't want to hurt his feelings.. I think we've gotten so used to each other that even if we don't want to be together it's gonna suck to let each other go. . Any advice?

(He's 25 & I'm 22)