Financial issues

So the boyfriend and I we've been together for 1 year.

He has his own house, truck, bills etc an adult. Since we've been together he's had at least 5 different jobs (which is fine he makes decent money) and is always calling into work, which is fine. 6 months into our relationship I moved in with him we never discussed bills because I am in college and don't have a lot of money.

For the last 5 days again he has called into work claiming he "doesn't feel good" and I would not care but I help him out all the time with his car insurance, electricity bill, gas, food etc.

I know I don't pay half the bills or anything, but he would have the same bills if me and him weren't together or the same bills he did before me.

I can only keep helping so much. I want him to go to work 5 days a week and quit calling in so we could afford bills or dinner once a week 😦