Can someone humor me?

I’m a broken record but my period is 5 days late and is never late.

I had my copper iud removed 12/21

Thought I was going to ovulate 12/22 but didn’t check

Possible Positive OPK 12/27

Period due January 6

Possible implantation bleeding January 7th

It look like dried blood flakes on tp. I was like “oh here we go” wiped again, bit of pink

Nothing since then. No more drops. No AF.

Last week I was EXHAUSTED. I’m tired, but I usually am.

Boobs feel regular.

May have heightened sense of smell. Or maybe I just don’t have a cold.

BFN after BFN. Like sometimes I think I see something but then I’m like no?

What do you all think? Anyone experience anything like this?

If the drop was implantation, when should it be positive?

Doctor’s office said to call after i’m two weeks late.

Tonight’s negative