Went in for my first ultrasound, tech attempted to do an abdominal ultrasound but I have a tilted uterus so had to do a transvaginal. Tech looked around for about 3 minutes and told me there was no heartbeat. She said I was measuring at 8 weeks 5 days a few days farther than I thought I was.

I am numb...I have had one successful birth and now this.

She said I should expect to miscarry in a few days. I just have a feeling she is wrong or maybe I am just in denial. I have heard so many women’s stories about misdiagnosis by not finding a heartbeat.

Dr office immediately moved me to a room to talk to a doctor about removing the baby so to avoid any infection. I just feel like I should let my body do it naturally and if it doesn’t in a week go back in to get checked to see if the baby had grown and maybe prove to tech was wrong.