stepped on an ordament

so we were taking the Christmas tree down. one ordament must of been hiding because as we were carrying the tree I heard my family say "an ordament fell" of course they said it too late and I stepped on it. and of course it broke I pulled out the piece that was in my foot and cleaned up the area. once cleaned up you could see the wound was literally a pin prick. it was the tiniest hole ever after it stopped bleeding it was hard to even tell where it was that's how tiny it was. when I walk though I feel a pain on that foot. it's dull and achy feeling like when you have been walking on your feet for a while it's only when I walk on it I've tried poking my finger on the bottom of my foot but there's no pain when I press my fingers on my foot even close/on where I got glass the pain subsides when Im not walking. I don't have any swelling, warmth or anything unusual. where I cut my foot is a place that I usually put pressure when I walk so maybe its just because it's healing and I'm putting too much pressure?

I'm wondering what you guys think? I do plan on going to the doctor if the pain presist tomorrow or anything unusual comes up but in the meantime I'm wondering what you guys think or if you had a similar experience and what happened?