What else can I do!?

My husband has been watching porn.

It bothers me because why would he need to see some other women naked or even watch another women pleasure herself?


Well I have had this conversation with him over... and over... and over again with him. How it makes me feel and how I feel about it.

It’s been a good month. Which is when everything he promises usually he ends up not doing it anymore.

Well my self esteem is gone because when I was pregnant looking like a fat ass whale he was looking up porn and half naked to naked actresses.

He is a HUGE movie fan so it’s kinda a kick in the heart.

He added an actress on Snapchat and looked her up half naked to naked. Which me looking like a whale and her looking skinny with curves. Only curves I had was a round belly.

Anyway.. he knew how I felt and he told me he wouldn’t again. He promised me that he would stop.

Again we are married and we have 2 kids technically. ( one was put up for adoption.. )

Well I had a miscarriage yesterday so I’ve been distant. I’m trying to work on my relationship with him and make it better but it’s hard. I’ve got a lot going on. Don’t get me wrong. If my husband asked for sex I would give it to him. No questions asked. I don’t mind truly. Then I see Tuesday he looked up porn again... AGAIN when he promised me he wouldn’t again.

I don’t know what to do anymore...

any advice?

I didn’t hint when I told him I was upset. I cried my eyes out explaining to him exactly how it made me feel. How much it hurts me.

I get some women don’t mind their boyfriend or husband watching porn.

I agree if I wasn’t giving my husband sex and I just didn’t want anything to do with him in the bedroom than I wouldn’t be upset. I get it. I’d rather him watch porn than cheat on me with another women.

Yet if I’m willing to have sex, why even watch it in the first place.. I’m RIGHT FUCKING HERE! Yet he would rather watch porn. I get I’m not the skinniest person. I’m not the best looking. I had 2 kids! And one isn’t even 2 months yet. ( the one who was adopted by my step mom { she can’t have kids so me and my husband were a surrogate for her and my father})

I don’t know... what should I do?