This may help!

Abby • 31 years old. Married to Eric and mom to 2 year old son Jace! Second baby boy due next month💙Mom of boys 💙💙

Okay ladies so my son has been waking up once to twice at night. Well we changed up our routine last night! Before he was having 7 oz before bed, 6 oz at 12 am and 6 oz at 4 am! Well last night we did oatmeal and bananas before bed at around 7:50 and did bath a little later and did bed time around 9:20 but only took 3 oz of formula so I knew I was doomed! His bed time was previously at 8:30) well he not only woke up at 4 am and put himself back to sleep he didn’t actually wake up till 7:40 this morning and that’s when my hubby wanted to see him and he’s the happiest baby alive!! Who knows if it will work tonight but it’s a start! Just wanted to share! Ps. I know some mothers are against oatmeal or cereal but I feel as if they can eat it off the spoon and in a bowl and mothers can get their sleep it’s worth it!