He doesnt wanna get married anytime soon but wants to have a baby in 2 years

Katlynn • Mommy to an angel 01-03-19 ❤️

So we have been together for almost 5 months now. Some people are gonna comment some hate for this topic but I believe when you know hes the one, YOU KNOW. I really feel like its gonna be me and him forever and he says the same. But, we recently got into a discussion that had me in tears because he said he didnt wanna marry me. He has said he wants a baby in 2 years with me though. He came back and said he wants to marry me just not anytime soon. I think it's cuz he saw how much it hurt me. But I feel like if you love me enough to have a baby with me then whats the big deal with marriage? It aint gotta be big.. Am I wrong for being upset? I need someone to talk to