Losing my job...


I'm almost 9 weeks, and in February I'll be losing my job.

My family has owned a local restaurant for 37 years. There's 2 locations in my city, and I've worked at the original since I was 14 (I'm 21 now). The restaurant has always been a huge part of my family's and my life. There's customers that have been coming in 30+ years. Quite a few of the employees have worked there 10+ years. We've built a very good reputation over the years, earning local awards each year.

However, people don't come in like they used to. My dad said people used to wait 2+ hours and sip on margaritas all night. Now we're lucky if we get a wait at all. The second location gets plenty of business, but my family has lost money keeping the original location open. My dad has finally reached retirement age, and he said that if he was 10 years younger he would just relocate. Nobody else can take over the original location, so my dad has decided to close the restaurant.

I feel really heartbroken. I'm losing something that was a huge part of my childhood, and it won't be a part of my baby's life. And Ill have no income for a while. I'll be finishing school this semester, so my parents said I should just focus on that instead of getting a job right away. But I need to save up for my baby. I'm just so stressed out and I don't know what to do.