Sister competition

don’t spend much time with my sister or even talk to her often because she’s constantly wanting to be in competition with me. It’s really annoying. I dont live my life trying to out do someone else. I made her my MOH just because I don’t have any female friends. Would of been better off without her but lesson learned. Her and her husband had a courthouse wedding because she was pregnant where I was having a wedding with 50 plus people. It certainly wasnt to out do her, I wanted to elope. My husband wanted a wedding so bad I couldn’t deny him. But apparently she felt the need the whole wedding day to say “youre gonna be just as much married as me and Jim. We didn’t have to have a big wedding” “marriage is just paper there’s no need in money on a wedding” “I’m just as much married as you” and I ignored every comment because I honestly didn’t care. Every since our wedding day it’s been constant competition. She has a plain generic wedding band, where I have a fake diamond ring (that I picked out and only costed $130) she always says “one day I’m going to have a huge real diamond on my hand” “I wouldn’t dare wear a fake ring” and at thanksgiving she had gotten some qalo rings so she now has 2-3 wedding bands and she made a point to say “these are so much nicer than a real wedding ring. You can change it out and not get tired of waking up and seeing the same boring ring everyday” and more recently she “brags” about how hard her life is because she’s a mom. I just don’t understand how hard cooking and cleaning is because I dont have children (she is also VERY bitter because I am a housewife.. by choice) whenever I’m sick and tired “oh you’re not tired you’re not chasing two kids around” and since my husband and I are staying to TTC she said “oh you’ll still be fine. One baby is fine. You have it easy with one baby. You just won’t understand what being a mom is like until you have two kids” it’s literally never ending. Even though I don’t see her often it’s aggravating when I do and have to hear her comments. Can anyone relate? Advice? Her husband makes twice what my husband makes but they like to live their life so “much better” than everyone else that you’d think they were poor. They buy name brand everything. She spent $200 on her 4 year old son 2 pairs of shoes for Christmas (of course I know this because she made a point to brag that he’s wearing under armor) but they had to leave their nice beautiful house to live with her in laws because they couldn’t keep up the bills with buying pampers and American eagle. They’re always behind on their bills just to buy a new car. She’s extremely bitter that my husbands family gifted us a house that they owned and was paid for. (Who’s gonna turn down a free beautiful house?!) she always says “I just don’t understand bills” only because I don’t pay rent or mortgage. I just don’t see why she has to feel like she needs to compete with me? I dread having children and the competition starts there. I’m not spending $200 on shoes my kid will grow out of in 4 months. Sorry lol I’m sure her kids will be “so much smarter” and “way more perfect”😂😂