Some insight, hope this helps!

So I know I’m the person most of you ttc for months roll your eyes at because we got pregnant our first month of ttc for our second. However, I still spent days on here over analyzing every dpo symptom. I just wanted to share with you my story leading up to bfp. For me, I used to think people who just knew they were pregnant were crazy 😜 but I just knew this time!

So I ovulated New Year’s <a href="">Eve</a> ! And I knew because I had quite a bit of O cramping. We did the deed the day prior as well as this day. Both times I elevated my hips for about 5 minutes. And stayed in missionary. Not sure if this helped but it’s worth noting.

One thing I noticed is the cramping lingered even after ovulation! Every single day. I also since my first birth, struggled with bowel movements but I had regular ones everyday this week! I also had very creamy milky cm everyday.

On the 7th dpo I woke up dry heaving, I had sever nausea with my first pregnancy for the entire duration and it felt the exact same. I also felt cold and flu like symptoms, temp dip for sure

8th dpo - hubby and I did the deed and I had faint pink when I wiped after. Still feeling not so well. Felt like I should test... way too early, and could have sworn I seen something .. but figured bfn

9dp - extreme diarrhea upon waking , still not sure if this was a bug or not.. faint pink when wiping, I thought this must be implantation..Tested again, negative.. very clearly negative (fmu)

10 dpo- still very nauseated and still diarrhea.. decided to test again( in the evening) There was a second line!!!!

It was cheap test so I waited until today 12dpo with a frer and got two bright pink lines :) still dealing with nausea so I imagine this will be much like last time and I’ll need diclectin to manage it.

I hope this helps somehow for someone! I know I searched dpo symptoms on here often.

Baby dust to all!!!! Feel free to ask any questions!!!