Big decisions and a lot of confusion!!


Hello ladies!!

Lately I’ve been going crazy in my head trying to decide what the best move is.

Background: I am 23 years old and I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for 4 years (he is American and I am Canadian). In that time we have spent a lot of time together (months at a time between my semesters). I am currently in nursing school in Canada and have two years left and I have already completed two years. The reason I didn’t apply for nursing school in the US where he is in the first place is because I was younger, we weren’t as serious, and I would have been an international student paying a LOT more. My boyfriend is a professional soccer player so moving here was never an option.

Current: We have been talking about marriage a lot recently. I know 100 percent that he is the person I want to marry. He’s absolutely perfect for me and i have no doubts about us. He has always supported my education and never rushed me to go be with him. But as more time passes and our relationship gets stronger its becoming harder to be apart. We really want to be together. I’m just torn on whether it would be a huge mistake to drop out of school to marry and go live with him. I don’t want to regret it in the future and I don’t want to disappoint my parents. Not to mention I would lose those two years, because I’ve looked into getting my classes transferred to other nursing schools and it’s not possible. When it comes to really listening to my heart and what i genuinely want its to be with him. Maybe I need some sense talked into me, or someone who had a similar experience and learned from it. If so please help a girl out!!