Don’t know how to feel about this😔


I’m 19 fixing to be 20 my height is like 5’2 and all my life I’ve had problems with my weight. Well when I was 17 I weighed 170 and my doctor told me I’m over weight. I tried to lose weight and it really didn’t work for me back then. Well when I got married I started to put on some more weight. I weighed 180 for months and felt miserable. Well my husband loves to work out and do that all stuff. He got me on a diet and I lost almost 15 pounds! I was very excited and happy!😁 but things started to happen and I had a lot of stress, well we I’m stressed I love to eat..... we are home visiting our parents and one night I decided to see how much I weighed.. let’s just say I was so shocked when I saw what the scaled said. It showed 192 pounds!!!!!😭😭 I’m so disappointed in myself and I feel so horrible. I really don’t want to diet again but I know I have to. I know I have to loose weight if I want a family someday, I want to feel good about myself again!