Long post but please I need help desperately


So before I start I just want to say I don’t have insurance at the moment due to switching and some mishap so I can’t go to the doctor so I am asking you ladies for help. So I have never had two period in a month before and in December I did. My last period was on December 13th and I ovulated on the 22nd. I had very very light pink spotting 9 dpo. Then according to glow I was suppose to start my period on the 5th which is 25 days and that’s been about my normal lately. But it does range between 25-28 days. I still have not gotten my period. I took a test 3 days ago and it was negative so im wondering in there is any other reasons for this. I have had cramping and keep thinking I’m going to get my period but every time I check there’s just a lot of cm. My nipples are also sore and I’m super hungry which isn’t uncommon for me right around my period. However it only lasts for like 2 days maybe and goes away when my period starts. I have been having these symptoms for about a week now week and a half. I am also beyond tired. I get home from work and easily sleep 3 hours and have to be woken up for dinner and to shower and I’m up for about 2 hours and then go back to bed. I also gained 10 pounds in a week and I do fluctuate weight a lot but normally when I gain that much I lose it again in 2 days and then go back up and down but it’s staying and I keep thinking it’s because of all the eating because I literally cannot get full. I’m at a loss for what to do and what could be going on. Nothing like this has ever happened before except when I actually was pregnant( which ended in a loss 😔) but I got a faint positive a day after my period was due. I thought about retesting but I think it would have shown up by now. Please ladies help!