Hypothyroidism ?


I’m having blood work done in a few days to check my thyroid levels and see if I have hypothyroidism. I’m 21 years old and in the last 7-8 months I’ve gained almost 40 lbs without any diet/exercise change (I’ve been the same weight my whole life), developed severe sciatica, and suddenly have joint pain/stiffness/swelling in my hands and fingers in the morning, to the point where I can barely grip anything for the first 30 minutes I’m awake. I’m constantly exhausted, I have erratic, wild mood swings and I can just feel that something is really wrong with my body.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has dealt with hypothyroidism or if anyone has been diagnosed with a different condition that has similar symptoms. If so, any tips or advice to help manage the symptoms a little better would be greatly appreciated while I wait for my results come back and see my doctor