Pregnant and cheated on


Gradually throughout my relationship, my partner has become more and more emotionally abusive. He’ll laugh if I share my opinions, feelings, call me worthless, useless, wish our baby dead, claim he’ll marry another woman so she can bring up our unborn child because I’m a terrible role model, called me a cheater, a bitch, and this would be within one hour.

It’s continued to get worse and worse.

He’s selfish, when I was pregnant in the beginning and in excruciating pain and unable to have sex he said, “I’m starving him of his basic rights.”

He made me beg on my hands and knees when I suggested separation despite him breaking up with me many a time.

He’ll go through my phone and read every single message from every single app and claim I’m a cheater when I’ve never cheated.

Honestly, the list goes on.

I’m now 10 weeks pregnant.

I’ve slowly but surely been getting stronger and stronger since I found out I’m pregnant, I won’t cry over him, stand for his shit or accept his unacceptable behaviour.

Yesterday, he informed me he’s tested positive for chlamydia.

I’m petrified for my baby, miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth are just some of the complications that can occur if you are tested positive for chlamydia and you’re pregnant.

At the same time, he informed me that he’s cheated on me but I don’t know when this chlamydia was given to him, after we last slept together, 15th December or before?

Needless to say, I’m completely done with this guy.

Funnily enough, he thinks I will forgive him and want to get back with him in a week.

I will NEVER forgive ANYONE who puts my baby at risk.

I’m already in hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum, this is the last thing I need.

Just you and I now, baby.

I will do everything to protect you.

You’ve come first since the day I found out about you.

I’m so happy to be your mammy.