Need advice!! First timer here!!


Hi everyone! This is my first time posting and I’m a little nervous. A little about me:

My boyfriend and I have been together going on 6 years come this March. We got pregnant in 2014 and unfortunately I had my first miscarriage at 7 weeks. It was a horrible experience! I was told I didn’t do anything wrong. “These things just happen sometimes.” I passed it on my own at home and never went to the doctor to check my body because I was so discouraged by the doctors at the ER.

In November of 2017 I peed on a stick and once again I was pregnant. Scared out of my mind obviously because of what happened last time. Well, in February of 2017 I had my second miscarriage. This time I went to my OBGYN and at almost 11 weeks I was told there was no heartbeat and I basically had a dead fetus in my uterus. I got a DNC to clean me out so I felt a little better about my chances of getting pregnant again. My boyfriend and I do not use any form of birth control. We were actively trying for a baby.

Today, January 2018, I’m pregnant again. But this time feels different. In a good way! But naturally I’m worried to have another miscarriage. The app tells me I’m 6 weeks and 1 day today. I have my first prenatal “confirmation” appointment next week.

My bf is.. well endowed if you will, and I’m worried that our sex could possibly hurt the pregnancy. I know it sounds crazy! Maybe it is! But with 2 miscarriages under my belt you can understand my worry! Any advice is accepted! 😊 thank you for taking the time to read this. 💕