When is it time to move on? Job related

Just wanna rant and seek out advice. I’m 25. I’ve been through quite a few jobs. I’d like to blame it on being “young and dumb” and also having severe depression and anxiety. I currently work at a hospital, where I’ve been for 2 years now as of last month. This is the longest job I’ve had consecutively (pathetic, I know) 🤷🏻‍♀️ but more so than ever, I find myself complaining almost all day, non stop, about my job. It’s not an easy job, it’s challenging and exhausting physically and mentally. It’s not so much that, but lately I find I just don’t have very much patience for the management, the way things are ran, my co workers and sadly the patients. Its hard to focus on my job because I’m losing interest or don’t like it and I feel I’m not doing it as well as I should be or used to. I catch myself not doing some small things more often which isn’t on purpose, I just don’t realize it til I look back and think “oh I forgot that.” Etc. Anyway, I’m really not a bad worker although I don’t have the best job history, when I have a job I do well at it, but lately I don’t feel I’m working well. I’m burnt out. My attendance has gotten worse and worse (I did have a big surgery and a miscarriage) which contributed to a lot of the attendance problems but still...Sadly I’m on my last leg as far as that goes.

Everyone wants to work where I work. It’s one of the biggest well known hospitals around. The health insurance benefits and retirement are amazing. The pay is decent. In those aspects, it’s a good place to work. In other areas, not so much. For the insurance and pay reasons I’m scared to leave, but I also know I’m close to being fired if I don’t really turn my attendance around (which I have actually been improving) so really I just don’t know what to do. I’ve even gone down to part time hours hoping that it’d help with the being burnt out but I’m still miserable whenever I come here.

Has anyone else ever gone through this that can give me some opinions or advice? My brain is clearly just all over the place.