Red flags? Can’t tell.

Okay so I’ve been with this guy for like 3 weeks now. Everything is fine, a few bumps here and there, but that’s only because we didn’t know each other’s buttons yet.

Anywayyyyyys. It really bothers me that he’s still occasionally texting his ex girlfriend. He said she’ll text him, check up on him and he’ll check up on her, and that’s it. Once a week, just to see how they’re hanging in there.

She’s got a boyfriend, and he seems to be over her. But they were together for 2 years (or so he tells me, at first it was 8 months) and he says he’ll always love her, since she was his first love.

I’m not worried about him cheating, I have complete trust in him. But I do worry about the fact that I’ve expressed discomfort multiple times about him being so close with her, and he doesn’t respect me enough to stop contact with her. And they also see each other every day, because they attend the same school.

I just don’t know how to handle this situation. Thoughts ? Help?