baby #3!!


I am in shock!

Well, not too much shock since hubby and I weren't using contraception lol

I literally just took this test, not even hubby knows yet!

I plan to take another in the morning to be sure and have my hubby present of course (he's working right now) but I just couldn't wait!

We weren't "trying" but we sure weren't preventing. We always said it will happen when its meant to happen.

I'm so happy and had to share with someone.

We currently have 3 children. My hubby has an 18yr old son from a previous relationship and we have a 7yr girl and 2yr old boy, this will be my 3rd biological child.

2018 will be a HUGE year for us and I'm looking forward to every minute!

My younger brother is expecting his first child about 2-3 months before me (they just found out) so my lil one will have a cousin close in age.

This wi

ll def be our last baby, we've been so blessed and lucky to be given the most amazing children!

I feel so thankful and look forward to the progression of this pregnancy😃