Blighted ovum


Hey everyone, I had a miscarriage sometime in December, we found out about it on December 14th and my OB/GYN said it was due to a blighted ovum and that he thought the pregnancy was over for quite awhile. The night before at the ER my blood test, urine test, and 2 ultrasounds came back negative and my HCG levels were only at a 15-16 and I never had hen rechecked because my doctor said there was no need to and that I didn’t need a d&c; or anything because nothing ever actually implanted. I bled pretty heavy from the 14th-17th. I took a test on the 9th and several since then and they’re giving faint lines, has anyone else ever had this happen so fast after a miscarriage? Could I really truly be pregnant or do you think it could be residual HCG even though it was so low already at the hospital on 12/13/17?? Please give me your opinions and any experiences with this. I want to be excited but I’m so scared.