Am I being petty ??? 🤔 pissed off 😤

🌹nina • I am married to my best friend . 4 angle babies & one baby boy one on the way 🤰🏾🤱🏾💕 Honesty at its best...

Ok .. so I’m pissed off 😤😡 a little .. me and my husband aunt have really been not like each other every sense we moved her. First I want to say I’m 22 and my husband is 24 . She is 36 or 37 ... him and her never really had a good relationship. So when he married me, I guess she did not like me either. I won’t speak of all this shit she have done. But I will say what she did today I have had 3 losses 👼🏾 and now I’m pregnant again. But I’m in my second trimester which I have never made it too .. I lost one child at 6 weeks the next one at 11 weeks due to turners syndrome. And the the 3 one I lost as soon as we found out witch no one really knows about.

So like I said my baby is grate as of now and I’m so happy this baby is healthy. And I’m 16 weeks almost 17 weeks. So I feel like it’s going really good. This morning everyone was over and I went to the rest room. One of my husband cousin is also pregnant with me. She was talking to his aunt and telling her how this week coming, she has to check on her babies heart. So she said his aunt goes well everyone is having problems with there pregnancies.. I wonder if she’s going to keep this one...

While she tells me this it piss me off but I try to keep my cold but why in the f*** would she say something like that. (I have not had a problem with this pregnancy) I’m just so mad .. then I try to vent to my husband and I’m telling what happen and what she said and I said she won’t be coming to my baby shower or my freaking gender reveal party..,

And he goes what she said was petty. You don’t have to be petty with her... and I’m even more mad because he don’t or act like he don’t see why I’m mad . He’s like you should just over look her. But why would you say something like that.. so I just want to know if I’m crazy that I got mad

Or DO I have a right to be mad .

He act like I have no reason to feel this way!!!

Like it’s been 3 years and every time I try to be nice here she goes saying some dumb as shit ... ugh ... I’m about to lose all my self control over her mouth .. and everyone act like oh just ignore that’s how she is or like they scared of her .. ugh sick of it ...

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