Accused of flirting with your best friend's crush

So, it was recently brought to my attention that my best friend thinks I flirt with her crush right in front of her. Us 3 have been close for about a year now and hangout very often. I met him first, and I was close to him before she was and I introduced them.  She began to grow feelings for him but he did not. The feeling was never mutual but she continued to have feelings for him. I had a boyfriend for a major portion of the 3 of us's friendship so their was never any issues until we broke up. My best friend just told me she thinks that I flirt with him without giving much evidence or justification. I reviewed from what I can remember my behaviors and I know I am a little crazy around them I can say and do things that are innapropriate but by no means does any of it have meaning or intention to flirt with this guy. Me and him don't talk much outside of when he comes over to our house and we've never barely even touched. I right away told her it was not my intention to be flirty and that I had no romantic feelings for him at all, which is true. I apologized and genuinely told her I would watch how I act around him because it makes her uncomfortable. I assured her it would never happen again and that it genuinely was not my intention to make her feel uncomfortable or that I was being over friendly but she still seems to be on the fence about it, she is saying that I should've known better because I know how she feels about him and that the trust is broken between us and I honestly don't know what else to do. We communicated about the issue which is amazing but she still seems to either not believe me or is just still angry at me. Please help she is my best friend and any feedback would help