Those who forgave and stayed with their cheating partner—did you ever learn to trust them and feel secure again?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year.

He did not physically cheat on me, but he did lie to me about liking other people before and while we were dating. He also kept me a secret from those girls the first few months of our relationship. When I asked about them the first few times, he lied to me. He only told me the truth after I put two and two together and told him that I knew without him having to tell me.

I have lost all my trust in him and feel much more insecure than I did before I found out. It has been more than eight months since this happened, but I didn’t find out until October. It still affects me.

I chose to forgive him and try to make things work.

Those of you that have been in a similar situation, how did you move on from it?