Truth be told..

Allison • 👼🏼2016❤️ ttc our rainbow baby❣️🌈👶🏼

I always thought I would be so jealous of my best friend when she got pregnant. We have both experienced miscarriages which is how we got so close in the first place! But since we told me she was pregnant I have been nothing but excited for her! Yes I am jealous a little but the fact that I get to be there for her and watch Luke grow and go to her dr appts with her cancels out all the jealousy. Nothing make me happier then being there for my best friend while she’s carrying my nephew! He’s going to be so spoiled and I seriously can’t wait for him to get here! But another plus to her being pregnant is it’s helped me get my mind off getting pregnant myself. It’s kind of like being pregnant but not carrying it I guess. I’m so excited for little man to make his entrance! Only a few more months💙💙