My husband is a snobby jerk (rant)

So let’s just say he has his good moments, but he can be a snob who says things without thinking that hurts ppls feelings. We live with my parents who help us out tremendously. My husband and mom work during the day and my dad and I look after baby. My dad (her grandpa) is great with her. Makes sure she gets tummy time, she naps on his belly, he feeds her bottles, jumparoo, etc. I appreciate it especially because without it I would probably be stuck inside the house by myself 24/7 with baby fever.

So today we were going to run a quick errand and I asked my dad to watch her so we wouldn’t have to hassle with the car seat etc. It was a beautiful day (California) so he took her outside on the patio for fresh air. She’s really pale though so he propped her up on the lounge chair to drag the patio umbrella closer to the lounge chair where they would be sitting. Within an instant, she rolled off the lounge chair onto the pavement. My dad pretty much head dived to pick her up the second it happened. She was crying pretty bad but calmed down after a minute of two.

My husband got all pissed and insists we take her to emergency. Yes I get that it’s awful it happened but it was an accident. Of course we all want to take her to hospital to be safe but it’s peak flu season and by now she is calm and has a small bump on the lower back of her head but seems fine otherwise.

My mom is friends with our neighbor who is a doctor and he is home and we head right over. He examines her and agrees she is not showing any signs of head trauma and to observe her for 24 hours but no need to go to hospital. My husband proclaims, ‘Great.’ and wisks her out of there. Not a thank you, nothing. Then later on in the evening when everything calmed down, my husband and I walked our dog around the neighborhood. We saw the doctor walking to his house. My husband says to me, ‘there’s that quack.’ I am praying to God he didn’t hear.

We get home and my mom says our neighbor just came from our house to ask how the baby was doing.’ So not only did he save us a trip to the ER during the worst flu season ever, he also was concerned and went over to make sure she was doing well. Yeah, this guy is a total quack, lol.

Later on that evening, my dad comes into the front living room where we are watching TV. I can tell he is still broken up about it. He says to us, ‘You know I would lay down my life for your daughter.’ It choked me up a bit. When he left the room, my husband says ‘What was that all about?’ 😡

Have a heart, asshole. /End rant/