“You’re pregnant, asshole”


Would it be wrong of me to comment the above statement on every OBVIOUSLY positive bright and bold double lines, post?

What do you mean “could this be positive”?

Do bears shit in the woods?

Is water wet?

Have mercy! While the rest of us are hanging upside down with binoculars on throwing sprinkles of baby dust voodoo around like confetti at a gay pride festival.... patience runs dry for the obviously positive test photo.

Am I sorry that I get an overpowering sense of fury when I come across these posts? Nope.

Am I really an asshole? Not usually lol am I genuinely happy for the new mom to be? Of course!

But I also want to scream profanity laced sarcasm at you because I’m jealous and have a colorful vocabulary. Lol

Congrats to all who have positive tests!, seriously! Be happy and celebrate. But you’re still an asshole.