Finally! Amazing natural birth (long)

R • 27. RN. Married. 2boys, 9years & infant 💙

I was due 1/5/18. On 1/8/18 I noticed some decreased baby movements, so I went in for a NST. Of course I get there and baby is doing backflips and is totally fine, thankfully!

However, my BP was 132/90 and then 140/92 after that, and because I've had a few previous high blood pressures (with no other signs of preeclampsia, my midwife sent me to labor and delivery for gestational hypertension.

I was admitted and started on a pitocin drip, my husband arrived shortly after. I had been 5cm dilated for a week now with no contractions!! So I was hopeful that the pitocin would jump start things. I was on pitocin from 11am til 8pm-ish, all the way up to 18mg with no further dilation. I was having contractions but not super consistent or strong enough.

My midwife suggested we break my water to get things moving, or we could sleep and start again tomorrow. My husband and I couldn't wait to meet our baby so we chose to have her break my water. I almost regretted that decision because 5mins after they broke my water, thery couldn't find the baby's heart rate. All of a sudden a ton of people ran into the room, they placed an internal monitor on baby's head and my midwife told my husband and I that if they could not get a reassuring heart rate then I would have to have an emergency c section. The MD on call was paged, they switched to a different monitor and I changed positions and suddenly baby's heart rate stabilized. I looked over at my husband and he had pit sweat stains out to his sleeves 😂😂 poor guy. It was super terrifying, especially because the woman in the room next to me had just crashed and had an emergency c section (we overheard when we were walking the hallways).

After they broke my water (around 845pm), my midwife said either my contractions would start coming hartd and fast or I may need some more pitocin. I chose not to have an epidural because I had one with my first son and hated the way I couldn't move my toes or legs (must have had a really strong one). Sure enough, contractions came hard and fast and I almost gave in to having an epidural but suddenly I felt my body pushing, I couldn't control it at all.

I told my midwife, "My body is pushing and I can't stop it!" She checked me and sure enough, 10cm, start pushing! This was at 9:45pm. I labored on my side because I literally was paralyzed with every contraction, I have no idea how women move during hard contractions like that! My husband held my leg and I pushed for 10 mins,  baby's heart rate was dipping with each push, I felt the "ring of fire" and heard my midwife say his head was out, but that I had to push and hold it because the cord was around his neck. When I heard that I became so determined to get him out and get him SAFE so I gave a big, long, hard push and he was born at 9:53pm! My husband said, "there he is babe!! You did it, there he is!!" They placed him on my chest and he immediately peed all over me. 😂

I knew he was going to be a big baby because I had regular growth ultrasounds due to having a single umbilical artery. At 36 weeks his weight was estimated at 7pounds, 11ounces. He was born at 40weeks 3days, weighing 9pounds 15.8 ounces! (I'm calling that 10 pounds!) I was shocked that I managed to push out a 10 pound baby with no pain meds and only a small first degree tear requiring no stitches! I felt so proud of myself and my body for allowing his birth to happen naturally. I found that breathing through contractions and not fighting them really helped me. Constantly reminding myself that they would bring me closer to meeting my baby and they wouldn't last forever. My best advice is to hang in there and allow your body to do what it is meant to do. If medical/emergency intervention is needed, then of course it should be utilized. I'm a Registered Nurse so I would never be against that, but it was truly amazing experiencing my son's birth like that. Recovery has been a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I am so grateful for that. I am trying to soak in all his babyness and enjoy every moment, I love him so much!

Warren Frank, born 01/08/18, a day after his big brother's birthday! 9 pounds, 15.8oz, 21 inches long.