Unsure what to do


Hi friends.

I’m on cycle 26, ttc #1 and this month has me at a loss. I usually start spotting a couple of days before af, and then she shows up HEAVY, and I can barely function for the first two days...

WELL- last Monday, I had some brown spotting- 6 days early, which never happens. I was due on the 14th for af; had some spotting- only when I wiped on the 12th, but it was red. Saturday the 13th, started a light flow and assumed I was out. So it’s now the 16th, and i haven’t had a HEAVY flow. Should I just assume it was light this month?! I tested yesterday morning with a frer and it was negative. Should I wait and see and test again?! I’m trying not to go crazy. But we all know how hard that is. Thanks for all of the advice in advance❤️