anyone else experience this?

Kenzie • RN, wife, TTC our rainbow

Okay, 8dpo I had pink tinged mucus-y looking discharge when I wiped (approx quarter size). days 9 and 10dpo I've had pinkish brown spotting. barely any on a liner. Lots of cramps on 9dpo. overall felt tired and dizzy and kind of nauseous in the evenings. Yesterday my nose started getting running and today it's worse (probably a long shot, but a girl can hope!). today my breasts have also started to ache. I had a chemical pregnancy in October, since then I have spotted about 4 days before my period. but I've never had the spotting I had at 8dpo. I'm crossing my fingers that this is implantation, although it's probably mean old AF coming extra early. I tested this AM and thought I could see something but it's probably my eyes playing tricks on me. the wait is brutal! anyone else experience anything similar to this? I'd love to read your experience. I know every pregnancy is different but it seems nice to have something to compare to. thanks ladies!