I feel like I’m pregnant ??

Terra • Married💍12.15.17🤱🏼Momma to a 🌈 baby girl

Ok... soo after 2 back to Back MCS last time this year, was due 9/26/17 & 12/26/17.... I finally had a normal cycle December 25-29, OD We’re Jan 4-10 & we BD everyday but the 5th & the 9th..

I have been nauseous for at least 3 days... nipples sore... mouth tastes kinda metallic? Right ovarian cramps (uncomfortable but not awful!)...

And something keeps telling me I’m pregnant!?

My Ava bracelet arrived today... so I can’t wait to go to sleep to wear it! I can test in five days which is actually the same day as my first appointment with my new OB...

Has anyone had any super early pregnancy symptoms or implantation symptoms similar?

Took a PT today & BFN 👎🏼

Am I reaching... 😭🤷🏻‍♀️😏