Things people say to/about pregnant women


I do not understand how once you become pregnant people feel the need to just shower their opinions on you. Unfortunately the worst for me is my mother. Every symptom I’ve had she swears up and down it’s only me and she never had those symptoms so that means no one else has either. She even argued about how things go in L&D; when I’ve seen it first hand. She just makes me feel like everything I’m experiencing is wrong and I should suck it up.

My MIL is just being a hateful bitch making me believe I’ll miscarry and all my SILs are mad that I’m pregnant. My SIL found out she was “pregnant” before me. They claim that she knew she lost the baby at 8 weeks that Monday, went to the Dr Tuesday and the babies heart stopped beating and she got a D&C; that Friday. I put her pregnancy in quotations because absolutely nothing she said about her pregnancy made any sense and there was never any proof. I say this because my MIL keeps trying to subtly say that the same thing is going to happen to me trying to get me to worry.

My grandma rolled her eyes, scoffed and walked away when I told her on Christmas. Now shes going around telling everyone I go to church with that we think we might be pregnant but we’re not sure and that my appointment next week is to find out if I am even pregnant when it’s actually my ultrasound. She also told me that if I pump instead of breast feed that the baby won’t get the same nutrients even though it’s literally the same milk just in a bottle instead of a boob.

I’m sorry to rant and rave but I just wish the women in my life would be even halfway supportive. It’s sad that the ones who are most excited aren’t even related to us. Has anyone else experienced this while pregnant? Part of me knows I have to just grin and bare it but the pregnant part wants to rip out someone’s soul every time they make a snide comment.