Obsessive re testing?


After TTC over a year and then just recently experiencing a chemical pregnancy, I got my BFP almost two weeks ago..taking 3 different tests the day I found out and have taken another three tests randomly in between. I just took another one bc I am a crazy freak lol..I haven’t seen the dr yet bc he wants to wait til around 8 weeks and currently I believe I’m around 6.

A friend of mine is literally just a week ahead of me and keeps talking about different symptoms like nausea and backaches etc so far I’ve only had EXTREMEEE exhaustion (which already seems to be improving) and my boobs have HURT like feel like they’ve been used as lunch bags hurt but otherwise I feel good and out of no where I get the immediate urge I have to take a test and I half expect my positive line to disappear but each time it doesn’t. Has anyone else acted like a loon like this lol