Double Numbers

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So I’m awaiting for my blood results to see if my numbers doubled and I will get results tomorrow morning. Little back story on Jan 7th I had a period it ended the 11th(didn’t pay attention to see if it was regular). On the 16th I went to er for lower cramping and spotting(stoped the same day), I had no idea they did a pregnancy test until I was discharged they said it was positive and that the blood hcg level came back at 20. I came home n next morning I took 2 wondfo pregnancy test strips they came back positive within 5mins. Today I took a first response and the results are positive. I’m hoping this is real and not a miscarriage or a chemical. Here’s a pic I put together. The first pic is on the 17th and the next 3 pics are same test just different times! Please pray I get double numbers tomorrow.