Spread thin


Right now my cousin is severely depressed. Her friends and her both get ahold of me whenever she starts thinking of suicide. This is happening more and more frequently here lately. On top of that my mother's marriage just ended this past week, which caused my father to become suicidal. I'm there for both of them separately and I don't mind. My little brother is feeling their separation the most though because he still lives with them. So he also needs me and I would never turn him down. My husband has injured his knee so he's having a hard time with that because he's not used to not being able to do things. I'm having to do everything for him and constantly tell him that it's okay and normal when you have an injury to be restricted. My sister-in-law has lost her mind due to drugs and was MIA for 5 days and has now shut herself in her house. So I worry about her and the fact she has lost both her kids. Plus I have a mountain of household things to be done. I also have my own problems and don't want to worry anyone in my family. I just needed to vent.