Blood Work Results from 1st OB Appointment

Callie • Baby #1 born 8.18.18. Baby #2 due March 2020.

The doctor's office called today with my blood work results from my first appointment at 8 weeks (currently 9w2d). The only thing they mentioned was that I'm Rh negative. I'm a FTM and they said I'd need a RhoGAM injection at 28 weeks, and then another 72 hours after delivery, provided the baby is indeed Rh positive. I have a friend recently who miscarried her second pregnancy around 11 weeks because she needed a RhoGAM shot and they didn't get her one soon enough, and I want to make sure this doesn't happen to me. So let me confirm, since it's my first pregnancy, it's okay to wait to get the RhoGAM till 28 weeks, right? Would it be safe to get it sooner if I want to? Also, after getting off the phone with the doctor's office, I logged onto the lab portal to take a closer look at my results. The only "abnormal" things I noticed were that my WBC and neutrophil levels were both slightly elevated. Should I be concerned? The office didn't mention anything about it... still I can't help but worry! Thanks, ladies!