Am I pregnant or did birth control do it's job?


I've been on Yaz for 7 months now. I always take it on time, never skipped a dose, I take my birth control religiously, I'm very responsible when it comes to the pill. Anyway, I've been dating this new guy and we have ALOT of sex (without using a condom)... Last month he came inside me because we were in the moment and the next morning I freaked out that I was pregnant even though I'm on birth control. I took 2 pregnancy tests which both came back negative and luckily I got my period ... So my concern now is this month we've been having sex like crazy he came inside of me 5x in one day! Should I be worried that I got pregnant or is my birth control doing its job that I take it perfectly? It's supposed to be 99% effective but I get paranoid I'll be the 1%