Im giving up

My fiancé still wants to continue to TTC but its been emotionally draining me and causing my depression to get worse and I just cant continue this anymore. Every time I get a negative it hurts more and more because I lost my first baby (it was before I was with my fiancé). Im just done but my fiancé is trying to keep convincing me not to give up. But I’m done with the hurt. (I also suffer from Chronic Anxiety and Chronic Depression)

Update: My period is always spot on here never a day late. However today I was supposed to start (I track my period on multiple apps and it’s always accurate). My period didn’t come😅 I was spotting a little around 4am but now, at 4:35pm; nada. Is this a good sign?

UPDATE!!!!: Its currently 12:57am 1/24/17 and i just got my BFP😭❤️