cheap tests versus FRER sticks


hey all I just wanted to make everyone possibly feel better. those who are using the cheap pregnancy tests like I was, the ones that came with my OPK, at 10dpo and after. they aren't sensitive! they were giving me negatives the whole time I was pregnant. It's hard to wait but try and make sure if you are testing with them you are waiting until your missed period. otherwise you might get sad unnecessarily. I took FRER 12dpo (top) and 14dpo (middle) after I had taken cheapies 8dpo-12dpo with NOTHING. Not even a faint line. I'm positive if i had used FRER 10dpo I would have gotten a faint line even sooner. even today with FMU at 15dpo i can baaaaaaarely see a line that i would have thrown out if i didnt already know so don't lose hope. you just might be testing with the wrong test and the wrong time. baby dust to all 🦆