ECV, footling breach, one kidney smaller?

Alexis • 21 years old. Married to my favorite airman 💕💕

Sorry if this is long but trying to find out if anyone is going through any similar stuff! At my 36 week appointment I found out my daughter was breech. Footling breech to be exact. My OB wanted to schedule me for a external cephalic version I was really nervous about it and didn't want to do it at first when I heard all the bad things that could happen. But she convinced me to go in for the consult. So I did the high risk doctor answered all my questions and was very reassuring and convinced me to give it a try mainly so that if my water did break my daughters cord wouldn't present and to take some of the anxiety off that we tried everything we could to get her in a safe position. They of course will stop if I want them to during the procedure. My OB wasn't able to schedule me for an ultrasound until 39+4 which was giving me anxiety I would go into labor on my own. So at this consult they also did a very in depth ultrasound and found one of my daughters kidneys was smaller than the other and not functioning as well. Have any of you experienced this I am 37+4 this didn't show up at my 20 week scan?!

also have any of you had an experience with a ECV if so would you mind sharing?