Implantation Bleeding?

Melody • Follower of Christ, Wife, Singer, Worshipper, Trying to Conceive.

Okay so for this month I have drastically changed my diet, no meat, no sweets, no soda, practically just fruits and vegetables. I've lost about 5 lbs. My AF the prior few months have been out of wack either days early, days late, 2 periods in one month etc. My period is scheduled to happen tomorrow but I don't feel the same as I usually do. 2 nights ago I felt sharp pains and cramps in my lower belly and I thought my period was coming early again but it didn't . I just left the bathroom at work and when I wiped this is what I saw. My AF is usually really thick and heavy, painful periods.. I would've at least had some type of blood on my panties by now, but even when I try to wipe again there is nothing! What do you guys think? Did anybody else have implantation bleeding? My husband and I have been trying for a little over a year.

UPDATE!! I started my period yesterday! I really thought this was it... 😢😢😢