Advice: 9DPO Dull Ovary ‘Pinch’??

Hi all. I am on 9DPO with AF due Tuesday the 30th.

As of today I started to get a noticeable yet dull ovary pinching Feeling on one side. IMO different than AF cramps. It seems a little early for that, for me.

I took a First Response Early Detection this morning and got a BFN.

I know its very early but my birthday is tomorrow (Friday the 26th) and tonight starts a series of dinners involving wine + celebrations.

If I had any detection of a line this morning I probably would have rescheduled my plans tonight.

Its hard to know if this feeling is AF or something implantation related.

Has anyone had this? Noting the type of weekend I have coming up and that tomorrow is my birthday when would you test next?

To top it off I have ONE first response test left + TWO Clear Blue Digitals lol. My Amazon shipment is due on the 29th!