I’m pregnant! 😍Still in shock!

Kristina • 30-Teacher-Mom

I took a test this morning at 11DPO and got my BFP! I have been trying for baby #2 for 7 cycles, and could not believe I got a positive this early. With my first, it took 17DPO before a positive. I guess each pregnancy is different!

I have been feeling nauseous, and have had some cramping, tightness in my abdomen for the past 2 days. At 9DPO I had implantation bleeding, as I did with my first. I bled lightly for only an hour then nothing since besides the cramping. I thought For sure that AF was coming, as my symptoms felt like they usually do but yesterday I started to feel “different” in my stomach. I also was having some vivid pregnancy dreams the last two nights which sparked me to test this am.

My husband and I were so busy this month we only BD 1 time during my fertile week, on ovulation day. I thought we were for sure out this month. But I guess it only takes once! So ladies don’t stress out if you can’t BD as much as you would like due to schedules, other children or whatever it is, it’ll happen when the time is right. I wish you all baby dust!