Am I pregnant?

Emily • 21 ☺️

Hi ladies 👋🏼

I have some issues i wanna get some advice on. I want to know if this is something that could indicate that I may be pregnant...

I have been feeling slight nausea for a few weeks but never been sick.

I have been gaining weight much quicker than usual but not eating much and it’s all around my stomach.

I have hot flushes (but I mean that could be because I live in the hottest state in Australia).

I have quite had headaches.

Myself and my partner have been having sex and I have been feeling vaginal pain and pain after sex (like a stinging pain).

I have had frequent urination all day/all night long.

I had a dizzy spell with fainting a few weeks ago however I had my period straight after that. I mean i was bleeding, don’t think it was just spotting.

I have taken some pregnancy tests but they have come back negative but I just have this feeling that something is off ?

Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks ladies