Birth story


So it’s been about a week and a half since I had my daughter and I don’t have a terrible amount to tell because my labor was pretty hard and I slept through most of it but I know most of the details. I was almost 42 weeks when I went into labor and i started having contractions that where about 5 minutes apart around 9:30 Saturday morning but my water hadn’t broken. They started to get worse so we decided to go to the hospital anyways. When we got there she had checked my cervix and hooked me up to the monitor. She confirmed I was in labor but I was only about two centimeters dilated so she wanted me to walk around the labor and delivery unit for about an hour to try and get my labor going. About half way through walking around my contractions went to about two minutes apart. After the hour was up she rechecked my cervix and I hadn’t dilated at all I was still at two centimeters she she sent me home and told me to come back when my water broke. So I went home and we ordered dinner and my fiancé went to pick it up while my mom kept an eye on me. The contractions got kinda uncomfortable in my tailbone (along with the pain of the contractions in my back and abdomen) so my mom sent me to get a shower. While I was in the shower my water broke but I couldn’t exactly tell (this was around 7PM) and my fiancé got back with dinner so we sat down to eat and I couldn’t eat and the contractions were to the point where I had to hold my breath for them to be tolerable. I made them eat before we left because I knew they wouldn’t eat anything for awhile after that. We went back to the hospital and they confirmed my water had broken but I was only 3 cm at that point so she had me walk around again for another hour before they tried to give me anything. I was planning on getting an epidural but when they did my blood work my white blood cell count was WAY too high so I could only have a fluid to help me sleep. Fast forward to the next day i wasn’t dilated enough to push until 6:30 the next night. Once I could start pushing she was born easy.

Isabella was born at 6:42PM on Sunday January 14th weighing 6LB 2oz and was 20in long